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Old Website

Old Website2019-05-08T15:16:27+00:00

Information About Our Old Site

1. Old Website Backorders & Payment Gateway2019-05-09T11:48:53+00:00

We will be keeping the old website up and running so we can fulfil all outstanding backorders, the payment gateway will be discontinued so no further orders can be placed.

Once all our backorders have been fulfilled the old website will be discontinued.

If you need to access our old site please use:

2. Accounts & Passwords2019-05-09T11:49:53+00:00

Unfortunately we could not export our old websites accounts & passwords over to our new system for security and GDPR.

Please re-register.

If you need to access our old site please use:

3. Student Orders2019-05-08T15:51:57+00:00

The students section has now changed, all you have to do now is use your VX code in the coupon box at checkout to claim your discount.

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