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Eastman Auto Track Falcon®

Eastman Auto Track Falcon®

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The travel of the Auto Track’s cutting head & the lifting/lowering of the track mechanism are motorised.

The knife can be activated either at the control panel or by the remote control.

The system is totally enclosed & can be installed in minutes.


While similar in basic function to Eastman’s Falcon IV end cutter, the Auto Track Falcon II offers the time saving advantages of automatic operation. The travel of the Auto Track’s cutting head across the track and the elevating and lowering of the track lifting mechanism are motorized.

The remote control enables the operation to activate the Auto Track Falcon’s cutting cycle as soon as the operator is finished pulling the ply down the table, therefore gaining valuable seconds per ply.

The control panel includes controls for:

  • Automatic cutting cycle on/off
  • Track speed
  • Cutting width
  • Ply counter
  • Blade sharpening
  • Remote control
  • Compression foot

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